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Landmaster Begins Reworking Oil Wells on the Swenson Lease

Haskell County, Texas; Landmaster successfully funded the Swenson lease project which involves the rework of 6 oil wells. There are a total of 8 wells on the lease. One was producing and another is a water disposal / injection well. This property has produced over 2.5 million barrels of oil over the past 60 years and is still going strong!

In September of 2014, the Swenson #14 well was reworked and was completed with much higher than expected oil production. Landmaster had anticipated a total of 80-100 BOPD from the entire Swenson 8 well project. The #14 initially produced 277 BOPD and now steadily produces approximately 40 BOPD.

In November, the Swenson #12 was completed with production averaging 20 BOPD and 800 BWPD. The well was squeezed to reduce the water and the well is currently producing 10 to 15 BOPD with 300 BWPD using a pump jack. The well will be placed back on the screw pump in late January in hope of pumping it off and increasing oil production. There are still 3 more wells on the Swenson to be reworked. Landmaster anticipates the total production on this project to average 150 BOPD.

The Swenson 2A well produces 5 to 6 BOPD and 20 BWPD. The Swenson #6 well had a Neutron log which indicates the Upper Swastika Sands with 18 to 20% porosities and a thickness in excess of 20 feet. It appears this sand covers most of the 500+ acre lease.


Gas and Oil Profits

Investing in gas and oil wells may be a smart move for you, especially if you work with a company that’s done all the hard work for you. Landmaster Partners is a company that’s taken a lot of the risk out of investing by locating the best new wells and giving you the opportunity to invest in them along with them. Gas and oil profits from wells in Texas produce profits at a rate much higher than foreign sources, so it’s really silly to look for a place anywhere else to put your money.

You may not realize it, but the oil available in the United States is more than eight times the volume as our largest foreign competitor. And a lot of that oil is available in new wells right here in Texas. Texas oil basins are just waiting to be tapped, and when you work with Landmaster Partners, you’re lowering your risk for losses because you have an experienced team on your side. Of course, if you prefer a higher risk investment, you stand to gain more than if you invest in a lower risk alternative. But the choice is always yours as to what you want to do. You’re the only one who knows how much gas and oil profits mean to your overall investment portfolio.

When you work with Landmaster Partners to earn gas and oil profits, you’re working with a team of geologists and petroleum engineers who evaluate the potential before it’s even made available to you. These are people with experience who are looking for new oil and gas developments as well as going after reserves that may still be viable sources for additional profits. Trusting the people who have the experience to let you know whether drilling a new gas or oil development meets the right criteria is the best way to look at a new investment. Landmaster Partners works with a team that is dedicated to their success as well as your success.



Investing In Oil

A lot of people talk about investing in oil, especially politicians, and especially around election time. That’s not always a bad thing, since it gets people to look into oil investing and learn at least a little more about it. But how many average people in this country actually know what they’re talking about – aside from the politicians who claim to know of what they speak?

Most people probably know that investing in oil is generally considered a low to moderate risk that hopefully will generate a pretty substantial profit. Doing the investing yourself, without the benefit of an experienced partner, is not generally a good idea, no matter where you plan to spend your money. No matter how much you study or how much you think you know about oil investing, there is information that the average person doesn’t have access to or wouldn’t know how to process, even if they did have access to it.

It’s a much better idea to work with a company that specializes in oil drilling and oil leases and knows how to advise you. Landmaster Partners is the perfect company to work with. The experts at Landmaster Partners spend their time evaluating oil wells to make sure that the reserves left by previous drillers still offer new development opportunities. If an oil well is depleted and you make a purchase on a depleted oil well, you’re just throwing your money away. But as an individual, there’s no way for you to know that or even know where to find that information if you didn’t use an oil investing expert like the ones at Landmaster Partners.

Before you decide that investing in oil is your next step, contact Landmaster Partners to learn about current projects and what we can do for you. You can sign up for our newsletter and get a copy of our oil investing ebook here: We look forward to helping you learn about our projects.



Gas Wells In Texas

If you haven’t already heard, gas wells in Texas are producing profits for their supporters. The well leases we own are drawing lots of attention and investors are getting fired up. Whether you’re starting your investment portfolio, or are adding oil and gas to an established plan, some of the best investments are in crude fuel options. Why not get involved? You owe it to yourself to find out why the oil fields in West Central Texas are providing a tangible return.

We want to share this wonderful opportunity with you, and we want you to know about oil and gas investments. There are some things you should know before taking the plunge. It’s not rocket science. We just try to do our best to inform our partners so they can make the best decisions. Before you commit to supporting the gas wells in Texas, take in the ideas below. When you’re done reading, we’re right here at 325-704-2530 to answer your questions. Part of what we do is serve people. We hope to have the chance to do so with you.

We recommend taking a realistic approach to buying into crude oil investments. The stock market rises and falls as part of its nature. It doesn’t mean your investments are doomed when you see a slight move downward. The pendulum also swings in the other direction. So when you sow into these investment opportunities, it’s realistic to expect fluctuation in value. You want to look at the big picture when making investment decisions.

Have you ever heard you should diversify? Adding a gas investment to your portfolio is a great way to do that. It’s good to arrange a well-rounded plan that includes gas wells in Texas. And we encourage you to do your homework. Don’t take our word, or anyone else’s on how best natural gas investments perform. Instead, pay attention to reported facts. Being informed about how your oil drilling investment is working may bring more opportunity in the future. When you take a planned approach to partnering with us, we believe you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Investing In Oil And Gas

Over the past several years, investing in oil and gas has become more attractive than ever. While there’s some speculation, the rise in interest is caused by several factors. Regardless of the reason you are researching oil and gas investment projects, Landmaster Partners offers profitable programs. It doesn’t matter if you want to park a little or a lot in raw fuel investments. We work with partners who take both high and low risks.

The point is to get your money in the pool. You can’t earn profits from investing In oil and gas until you are vested in the success of our wells. And it’s much easier than you may think. Our engineers have refined extracting resources from new and established wells. We even find crude in re-opened wells. Our nimble approach to removing as much liquid gold as possible is always our goal.

With today’s technologies and equipment, it’s more profitable to invest in oil drilling. American soil covers many rich natural resources. Tapping into some of those holdings is what we do for you. Landmaster Partners is proud to operate leases on oil rigs all over West Central Texas. If you live close by in Lawn, Hawley, or Merkel, you’ve probably noticed our pumps along the roadways. When you get involved with profiting from the fruit of those rigs, you could see your money at work every day.

Investing in oil and gas is a tangible venture. And it’s worth your while to get more information. The more you know about how oil and gas investment projects work, the sooner you’ll start to benefit from this productive commodity. Don’t waste any more time. Call us today at 325-704-2530 in Texas, or at 863-452-2892 in Florida. You can also Click Here to find out how to get involved. We’re excited to share this opportunity with you. Honestly, we’re so amazed at how the Landmaster program is prospering. We want to share it with everyone we can!