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Texas Oil And Gas Leases

Understanding Texas oil and gas leases can be overwhelming. Working with Landmaster Partners can take that overwhelmed feeling away. We go out of our way to educate our partners. Our clients prosper when they find profits from oil and gas. With oil prices today, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to invest in domestic oil and gas. All your questions can be answered when you call 325-704-2530. Landmaster Partners was established in West Central Texas in 2008. Since then we have tapped into many profitable oil formations. Since we operate many of the leases we hold, we spend a lot of time inspecting the rigs and condition of producing wells. If you want to partner with a company with a positive reputation, Landmaster Partners is the right choice.

Not everyone knows how Texas oil and gas leases work. While they’re not complicated to understand, it does require some education to see how they turn into profits for our clients. Typically, leases are arranged to cover a two to five-year span. If the well produces oil within that time frame, the investors reap profits from oil and gas as long as that well is producing. If a well stops producing crude, the investor’s lease expires two to five years after the end. Obviously the goal is to drill and start producing as soon as possible. If a pay zone is tapped from a well on leased land, you start earning profits faster.

With oil prices today, it makes perfect sense to invest in domestic drilling. Cutting out the exorbitant cost of importing fuel is smart business. Producing gas and oil on US soil means we can offer Americans fuel at better prices. The question is not ‘if’ we should drill, but ‘when’ and ‘where’. While there are other options that may be lower risk, investing in Texas oil and gas leases has generated returns for many of our partners since 2008.