Now is the time for oil and gas investing – Landmaster Partners, Inc.

Oil and gas investing in low-to-moderate risk ventures generates high returns, and that’s our goal for investors at Landmaster. Educating potential and active investors enhances the ability to earn above and beyond static investments. The scope of the program offered by Landmaster Partners is to invest in low-to-moderate risk ventures and generate those high returns for our investors.

Landmaster primarily focuses on re-evaluating oil and gas wells for reserves left behind by previous owners, new developmental drilling opportunities, and expanding Landmaster’s oil & gas lease holdings. Below are varied types of oil and gas investing programs are shown below. Programs for reworking existing wells and purchasing existing production are the types of programs which are owned and operated by Landmaster.

The West Texas area is the strategic target of Landmaster for heavily-weighed reasons. Rated at the top, the return verses risks taken are all considered when selecting drilling sites, both established and future. West Central Texas is the Eastern Edge of the Permian Basin, meaning the same pay zones found in deeper western wells are more accessible in the area where we operate. These prolific pay zones are stacked one over another, instead of scattering. 

Landmaster is determined to operate in this area to gain access to the vast count of wells drilled over 60 years. Necessary, greater well control is possible when our company works on the ground where the wells are located. This means mapping potential pay zones can be achieved by thoroughly comparing productive wells with supposed dry holes in the same area. What are considered dry holes are still investigated, because often times the price of oil determines whether a well is completed as a producer, or repaired should it suffer mechanical problems, or both. With oil pricing above $100 per barrel, many wells on these fields are now very profitable for production.

Oil and gas investing is accomplished through the following applications:

Drilling new exploration wells
Drilling development wells
Reentering old wells
Reworking existing wells
Purchasing existing production

While the main focus of the mission of Landmaster is to align investors in low-to-moderate oil and gas investing ventures, an array of investment programs are designed to offer something to all of our investors, regardless of need for streamline or diversity. It’s the right time to get into oil and gas investing, and Landmaster offers premiere services to appeal to a multitude of investors all over the world. Making the decision to invest now in oil and gas ventures can only supply a larger revenue stream in the future. Choosing the right program or bundle of investments programs is critical to your portfolio’s success with us. Getting involved is just a short form away. When you complete our web form for a free e-book, we will email you the book and you can get started right away with educating yourself and considering which ventures work best for your portfolio.

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