Profiting from Oil Wells

Whether you are a big investor with a lot of money to spend or a small investor looking for your first well, working with Landmaster Partners is a smart move. Profiting from oil wells is what we do, and helping new people make money only makes us smile. When you figure that it costs us about $5 to produce a barrel of oil and you consider the price of oil on the market, the money you put in could turn out to be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Now, nobody is saying there is a guarantee that you’ll be profiting from oil wells in the next few weeks. There’s generally no way we can guarantee a time frame for any of our wells. However, we can tell you that we don’t just cross our fingers and go out anywhere we feel like it and start drilling. We have a specific plan that’s drawn up by experienced people who know their stuff. If all the signals are right and we begin to drill, we can generally figure on profits being there.

Development wells are probably not the best for first time investors because there is some risk of total loss. Reworking existing wells is something that has worked very well for us in the past and is still working well today. Of course, the risk factor with any oil well is always there. But there are some wells that are in existing production that are generally the lowest risk and probably the best investment for any new-comer who wants to be profiting from oil wells as soon as possible. Reentering old wells have some risk of loss, but these are wells that can have you profiting from oil wells relatively quickly because you don’t need to pay for drilling of the well. If you’re interested in learning about oil and gas investing, we’d be happy to talk with you. Just give us a call in Texas at 325-704-2530 or in Florida at 863-452-2892.



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