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Gas and Oil Investing

Putting your money in the bank these days is just about as bad as burying it in your backyard. Neither place is going to make you rich. Investing in the stock market is just the opposite. Your money won’t be hiding, but it will be on a merry go round of ups and downs and who knows what. With all the fluctuations in the market, you never know from one day to the next if your investment is going to pay off or take you down. So what about gas and oil investing? How can you know whether it’s a good place to put your money, and how in the world do you ever choose a company to trust with your money?

When you work with Landmaster Partners, you’ll be offered a low to moderate risk investment package that is geared to generate high returns. As a company, Landmaster has specialists who do their due diligence to find the perfect wells to invest in. When new investors want to come aboard, we encourage them to call and talk with one of our representatives who can explain the difference in our programs. If you are new to gas and oil investing, you’ll probably want to start with a low risk investment by purchasing existing production. There’s little to no risk there because the wells are already producing, so you know there will be profits.

If you are a little more adventurous and want to take just a little more risk, investing in an existing well that we’re reworking will bring a higher return, but the risk is a little higher as well. The same goes when we re-enter old wells. We know there was oil there, but finding a good supply when we reenter is a little riskier than working with a well that already in production. If you’re willing to take a bigger risk for a bigger payoff, working with our new well exploration is where to be.

If you’re new to gas and oil investing, we highly recommend talking with our staff and getting the guidance from people who have experience in this type of investment. You can reach our corporate office at 325-704-2530 or our Florida office at 863-452-2892. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions.