Getting involved means profits from oil and gas

Profits from oil and gas in the United States are drawing more and more investors. Because there is eight times more oil available in the U.S., than the next largest producer, it makes sense to invest in re-working old wells and tapping new wells to gain profits from oil and gas. Foreign oil and gas sources cannot possibly produce the profits from oil and gas that can be found right here in Texas oil basins.

Landmaster Partners is dedicated to realizing the highest possible profits from oil and gas for its investors. Tax benefits of oil and gas can also dramatically reduce tax liability. There are various ways to realize profits from oil and gas investing. We stand with all our clients to educate them and partner with them for success. The range of available investment opportunities cover low, middle and high risk options. Diversifying your investment portfolio makes earning profits from oil and gas a lucrative source. In a relatively short period of time, a balanced oil and gas package can create wealth and stability overall.

Higher risk investments will obviously incur greater losses, but their potential to gain profits from oil and gas is also greater. Another option for attaining profits from oil and gas is drilling new exploration wells. While a relatively high risk of loss is presented, it’s again a top-performing method for seeing greater gains fairly quickly.

Drilling development wells present some risk of total loss, but is a more conservative option to realize profits from oil and gas. Wells that are located in close proximity to an existing producing well are drilled. Step-out wells are wells where an operator attempts to determine the direction of the oil formation. In-field wells are drilled between two or more existing oil wells. Typically, these wells do not provide the highest rate of return, but still have some risks for loss.

While re-entering old wells presents some risk of loss, it’s still a viable option   As with re-working existing wells, this type of investment could yield a substantial return because you see what is in the well prior to investing your cash, and you don’t pay to drill it.  There are still several risks with re-entering old wells.

Re-working existing wells presents and purchasing existing production presents low to moderate risk for loss, but provide for long-term profits from oil and gas. Returns and risk varies by project. Put your dollars to work in these types of wells for more stable, secure growth in profits from oil and gas.


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