Strategic investing in oil and gas

investing in oil and gas is more than just buying into well production. While there are numerous ventures available, it’s critical to your income stream to make sure you’re investing in oil and gas with a company that can be trusted. Landmaster Partners Inc. is a privately held licensed oil and gas well operator. We specialize in evaluating oil and gas prospects for risk versus return in West Central Texas oil basins. Because we retain a large working interest ownership in the leases we own and operate, we are able to carefully evaluate every new project and ensure the best potential for the highest profit earning potential.

Currently, LandMaster Partners operates and produces many oil and gas wells in West Central Texas. Investing in oil and gas is only profitable when you work with an established and reputable oil and gas well operator. Unfortunately, not all oil and gas operators are the best for investing in oil and gas. Potential investors should never go with a company that provides unsolicited offers. It’s a well-known fact that the best places for investing in oil and gas are the operators who have a vested interest in their product. We encourage all our investors to do the research for themselves, before they decide where to start investing in oil and gas.

When determining where to start investing in oil and gas, it’s important to consider a couple key points. The first point to consider is the owner/operator’s history. Potential investors should partner with an oil and gas operator with a proven, successful history within the oil and gas industry.

The operator’s business rating with such watchdogs as the Better Business Bureau and Dun & Bradstreet should be a determining factor when you decide where to start investing in oil and gas. A higher ranking with these companies points to a more secure potential for revenue from oil and gas. For more information, contact Landmaster Partners to receive knowledge from one of our team members.


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